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  1. March 8, 2013

    Workspaces | Starr Studios

    We had the privilege of speaking with Sean Starr the owner of Starr Studios, a sign painting studio in Denton. Sean showed us around his workspace and gave us a quick demo of the electro pounce which is used to transfer letters onto the sign’s surface (pictured above). 
    He shared with us his love for sign painting and the process. Sean moved to his new workspace in January this year. Before relocating, they worked in the basement of Jupiter House (a coffee shop in Denton).

    By request of Sean Starr - 
    "We do not offer apprenticeships!"

    Sorry everyone. Your dreams can not be fulfilled today. His nephew Ryan (pictured standing above in the third picture at the top) is his apprentice!

    While we were there, Sean showed us this trailer for the documentary of Sign Painters which also happens to be a book that you should check out. Starr Studios makes an appearance in both the trailer and book. 

    Starr Studios has a tumblr or you can check out all their amazing work at their website.

    We would once again like to say thanks to Starr Studios! We are really grateful for talking with Sean and Ryan. We learned a lot about sign painting and the tools of the trade.

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      check out starr studios— cool place R Bomb and I are currently helping out at!
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